Lucy has enjoyed a wide an varied career in the entertainment industry both, performing, teaching and producing.

She has worked with children and adults using her knowledge, skills and empathy to help people from all walks of life make and achieve the change that’s right for them.

She is an experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist, an excellent listener and communicator.



Julie is an extremely experienced integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Counsellor.

Her passion is to help you overcome many of life’s challenges that may limit happiness. She works with anxiety, stress, worry, phobia, low self esteem, confidence, body image, weight loss and sleep disturbance.

She is a fantastic listener offering warmth, empathy and understanding in a safe supportive environment.

Julie also works in NHS cancer care supporting patients, carers and staff.

She was proud to receive an excellence in practice award from the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). She was also shortlisted by the Nursing Times Awards for her excellence in supporting staffs Health and Well Being.

Additionally, Julie has contributed to publications on phobia and calming techniques for The British Medical Journal and FHT.

Her personal goal is to make a difference, and to enhance your life in a very positive way.