Client Reviews

Julie helped me with my anxiety that popped up for the first time ever after experiencing pressure and misery at work, which lead to binge eating, unhappiness and not knowing the way out of it all. I was seeing her once a week for about 6 weeks, then every couple of weeks, every three weeks, until I felt like I could carry on on my own, listening to the excellent downloads provided. I also learnt to recognize what causes and triggers my anxiety, and how to avoid and soothe it.

I know it may seem like a lot to pay £80/an hour, but honestly, you cannot put price on health, mental or physical, and these guys are simply the best. 

The environment is beautiful, comforting and soothing, with each room being beautifully furnished and comfortable. The therapists are beyond understanding and used to hearing it all, so you'll never be judged here.

Highly recommended, 10/10!

Catherine Manchester - Newton-le-willows