Client reviews

After suffering for many years with anxiety I decided to contact Counselling Confidence. 
Julie is warm, welcoming and really easy to talk to. She put me at ease immediately and I felt heard and understood. 
I now feel positive about my life. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Her.


Danielle Jones - Stockport

Having suffered from general anxiety for many years I thought I would try hypnotherapy to see if I could find a way to think about things more positively.. I was paired with Julie who was understanding and helpful into finding a way forward whilst tailoring the sessions to meet my needs. After a period of a few months whilst supporting my sessions with homework I feel a lot better, brighter and more optimistic. There's been a gradual shift over the course in my outlook which I can only attribute to the hypnotherapy. Thank you to Julie who put me at ease and made what could've been a nerve wracking experience a positive one!

Fiona McLaren - Sale


I had only three sessions with Julie due to my work commitments abroad. 
I brought a number of anxiety/ phobia issues to her and wasn't sure what to expect! Julie put me at ease immediately. 
She is extremely perceptive and attentive. 
She enabled me to make positive changes and helped me to recognise the triggers to my negative beliefs. 
I feel so confident and positive about my life now. 
I cannot recommend her enough.

Cathy Manchester - Stockport


I have undertaken hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety and fear of violence. I could not stand my ground during any violent encounters and throughout my life I have felt like a coward because I always fled or made excuses to run away in situations where I should of stood my ground. 
I was met by the excellent Julie and she made me feel completely at ease in what was an embarrassing time for me. Julie is a wonderful listener and helped me talk out my fears in great detail and she genuinely understood my plight. The hypnotherapy sessions were incredibly relaxing and I began to start to feel better pretty much straight away. Despite only a few sessions I felt like I had someone in Julie who cared about me and made me understand why I did what I did. I cannot thank Julie enough for Read More 

Martin Chappell - Manchester


I have seen Julie Manifold over the last 2 months. I contacted the service to help with acute anxiety and insomnia I had been suffering from for several months. I was rather sceptical whether hypnosis would help, particularly after a previous poor experience several years ago with a hypnotherapist. I was sure that I wouldn't relax or "go under". The experience with Julie was completely different. I felt instantly at home, able to be open and honest, not judged or rushed. Julie is very warm and personable, she has extensive experience and something which helped me is that she is able to give scientific support to the effectiveness of techniques. The sessions proved very productive, Julie gave me tips and techniques to use when I felt anxious and to support sleep. Also the downloads you can use were very helpful to aid sleep and deal with the symptoms of anxiety. The impact of working with Julie has been significant. I had never experienced sleeplessness or high anxiety before, so the distance travelled is impressive in such a short time. From having no confidence, getting around 2 hrs sleep a night and being constantly anxious, to feeling much more positive about the future. I am back to sleeping nearly as I did before and the anxiety attacks have gone, and my confidence has returned. I can highly recommend the practice and particularly Julie. I will certainly return for further support if needed.


I had suffered from a fear of heights and claustrophobia since I was a child and had often thought that I should try something to help me. A planned holiday of a lifetime with my husband gave me the push I needed to overcome this. 
The holiday included long haul and internal flights and stunning views to take in from high vantage points. As soon as I spoke to Julie on the phone and then met her I felt sure she would be able to help me. 
She is kind, understanding, empathic and an extremely good listener. In the sessions she taught me relaxation techniques and helped me realise that I no longer needed to react in my usual way and that I could actually overcome my feelings of panic. Without hesitation I would recommend Julie to everybody.

Margot - Stockport


I’ve been working in a professional role for several years, but I realised that I wasn’t reaching my full potential as I avoided situations that focused attention on me, such as holding meetings and presenting. I had been offered a new job that I wanted to take, but I was concerned that this would hold me back. I contacted Julie and after 4 sessions, feel ready to step up and take the new role. Not only that, but the therapy has changed my perspective and enabled me to take control in other areas of my life. I cannot recommend the clinic and Julie highly enough. The clinic is professional and staff well qualified and knowledgeable, however, they still maintain a friendly personal service, that is calming, relaxing and enjoyable.

Jeanie Richardson - Manchester


After suffering with anxiety and insomnia for a few weeks; which had resurfaced after 10 years I got in touch with Confidence Counselling for some treatment. I saw Julie who is very calming and instantly makes you feel at ease. She was very knowledgeable and helped me massively after the first session to relax, I had my best nights sleep after seeing her which helped build my confidence back up. After only 2 sessions I feel more in control and much more capable of coping, my sleep has improved and i'm not lying there panicking and also she's taught me the the invaluable skill of being kind to myself. Thank you Julie. Highly recommended!!!

Anonymous - Cheadle


I visited Confidence Counselling to overcome my fear of public speaking. I can highly recommend Julie, with her help after 2 sessions she turned from a highly embarrassed, squeaky voiced fearful speaker into a self confident, clearly spoken speaker. 
Speaking in public no longer puts the fear of God in to me, many thanks to Julie.

J Johnson - Sale


I cannot thank Julie enough! She has given me the gift of freedom! Freedom to enjoy holidays abroad with my family! I had a fear of flying for over 15yrs after a very frightening experience on a flight. 
I was even fearful of going to the airport! But after a few sessions I realised I was becoming much calmer and feeling more in control and confident in all areas of my life. 
Julie is so perceptive and put me at ease with kindness and understanding. 
I felt she really listened to me! My family are thrilled that we can plan to visit places we’ve always wanted to go thanks to Julie and Confidence Counselling.

Annie Greene - Manchester


My first experience with counselling was unfortunately not a good one until I found Confidence Counselling and I am thankful that I did so. I was in deep into a rut of not seeing anyway out, falling deeper and feeling unloved, isolated and abandoned by many people in my life, many of whom I had put so much of my heart and soul into. 

That's when I was paired with Julie who I couldn't thank more. From the first session she was able to bring my overwhelmed world down a notch and gave me some clarity that I desperately needed. She made me feel as though I was finally being listened to and someone was finally trying to help me and in the way I needed. I always thought I was overreacting because it always seemed like no-one cared or reacted the way I thought they would when I Read More 

Gina G - Manchester

I decided to try hypnotherapy as I was battling against my sexuality, something I have had a problem with for the majority of my life. My mental health problems and depression were taking control and my life was heading in the wrong direction. I met Julie a few months after coming out and instantly she put me at ease. I feel so comfortable talking to her and you can really tell she listens and cares. Julie has helped me immensely with my problems and now I can say I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I really can't thank Julie enough and would recommend to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.

Harry - Manchester